X2 Club



X2 Club


Luxury Club pioneer in Indonesia. With daily visitor reach 10,000 people, X2 Club emerge as benchmark for other nightclub. Daily events, infamous DJs from around the world performs here. X2 Club need to stay ahead and differentiate themself to create new experience for their visitor. DPanell approached to create new marketing channel as well as show the dominance in nightclub business.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Android Mobile Application
  • iOS Mobile Application
  • Create using DPanell Application Platform


DPanell design and develop Android and iOS mobile application for X2 using DPanell Application Platform. Using this platform, DPanell provide more than 30+ ready to use module. X2 now capable to redesign and their mobile application anytime they want. DPanell also give X2 club capabilities to use unlimited push notification to inform their visitor for free.

New Concept


Let’s work on something amazing.